Working from dark to light provides me with immediate gratification seeing value comparisons.  Whether I'm painting architectural subjects, animals, floral or still life, I am always looking for darks first.  By establishing these values early on, I'm better able to judge the values and colors that follow in the direct, one-application process I employ and enjoy.

Since making art is a solitary pursuit you become absorbed and unified with your work.  Initial excitement usually drives me headlong into a sketching mode with or without value studies as I work from my photos.

Know always that your creative process ought to be FUN! When you take time to play, eventually you'll discover the joy of painting and your creativity will merge together.  I am not dedicated to photorealism; leave that to photographers! I want you to see a little bit of me in my art.

"I paint because I have to paint.  I want to show you my world as I see it.  Viewing my art will be a revelation of who I am.  Remember this:  GOOD ART WON'T MATCH YOUR SOFA!